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eCOA doesn't have to be hard.

eCOA Advantage offers consulting and implementation services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies to optimize delivery of electronic clinical outcomes assessments (eCOA) on clinical trials.

Knowing that their eCOA solution is in expert hands, eCOA Advantage gives sponsor teams the freedom to focus on the many other elements involved in initiating and executing a clinical trial. eCOA Advantage works directly with the chosen eCOA provider to efficiently and effectively manage the eCOA process on the sponsor’s behalf.

Time is money, and delays are costly. eCOA Advantage delivers bottom-line results by ensuring things are done right the first time. 

eCOA Advantage’s core values are integrity and accountability. When partnering with eCOA Advantage, you gain a dedicated partner and trusted resource with a shared vision of trial success.